Key Contacts

LHTAC - Local Highway Technical Assistance Council
(208) 344-0565  |  www.lhtac.org

ICRMP - Idaho Counties Risk Management Program
(208) 336-3100  |  www.icrmp.org

Highway District Attorneys

Pam Howland, Idaho Employment Lawyers PLLC,  (208) 484-8921
Susan Weeks, James, Vernon and Weeks P.A., (208) 667-0683
Dave Wynkoop, Sherer and Wynkoop LLP, (208) 887-4800
Mary York, Holland and Hart LLP, (208) 342-5000

Attorney General's Office Manuals

Forms & Reports

Capital Improvement Plans

Click here to download a template to create a Capital Improvement Plan for your highway district, thanks to Paragon Consulting, Inc.

Federal Grants & Updates

Glue Up - Membership Platform

Dues-paying highway districts will gain access to the comprehensive features of the Glue Up platform, offering: 

  • Interactive participation in private Community Boards.
  • Utilization of a digital member directory.
  • Timely updates through a social media-like feed.
  • Streamlined event registration process.
  • Convenient invoice status checking.
  • Accessibility through a user-friendly mobile application. 
  • The ability to directly message peers for efficient communication and collaboration.

download the My Glue Phone application:

Clerk Group Forum

All highway district clerks are welcome to join IAHD's private Groups.io forum. Through this forum, clerks may ask questions, share documents, create polls and more. The forum is secure and may only be accessed through an invitation link. For access to the link, email info@iahd.com. 

To visit the forum, click on the photo to the right.

Annual Road and Street Financial Report
DUE: December 31, 2024

Complete your Annual Road and Street Financial Report online by following the links below:

Tips and reminders to complete the online report:

  • Complete the report first, then fill out the online form
  • You cannot save the form
  • The form will time out after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Print a copy of the summary
  • No hard copy needs to be mailed

Video instructions to complete the Road and Street Report:

Publication of the Annual Road and Street Financial Report

The Road and Street Financial Reports must be published in a local newspaper. The publication must be published  at least once in a weekly newspaper or at least two consecutive times in a daily newspaper. See Idaho Statute 40-206 for more details.

Idaho Statutes

Commissioner Duties and Elections

Publication of Notices

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Statewide Contracts


Highway District Records

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3100 S. Vista Ave., Ste. 202
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Directors and staff

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