Fastener Store Inc.

Fastener Store Inc.

The Local Government Cooperative Contract #23-003 allows Participating Entities access to Fastener Store Inc.'s products at a discounted rate.

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Summary of Available Products:

  • Snow plow blades, curb runners, wings, high wear, Polar Flex, and EconoFlex
  • Grader blades, carbit, carbit link, and carbit tips
  • Boss DXT
  • Loader bucket edges
  • Fasteners and hardware

To purchase off this contract and for questions regarding pricing and listed products, contact:

Shelle Shaw, Owner/Manager
Phone: (208) 539-8092
Address: 304 Main St., Gooding, ID 83330


Procurement Documents

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Fastener Store Inc.'s Offerings:


Competitive Solicitation

Idaho Association of Highway Districts