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Valk Manufacturing

The Local Government Cooperative Contract #23-003 allows Participating Entities access to Valk Manufacturing's products at a discounted rate.

View Valk Manufacturing's Price Book here!

Summary of Available Products:

  • Truck mounted plow blades and wings
  • Grader blades
  • Loader/dozer/scraper blades
  • Heat treated blades
  • Winter maintenance equipment accessories

To purchase off this contract and for questions regarding pricing and listed products, contact:

Jamie Perone
Email: adminassistant@valkmfg.com
Phone: (717) 766-0711 ext. 144


Procurement Documents

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Valk Manufacturing's Offerings:


Competitive Solicitation

contact information

3100 S. Vista Ave., Ste. 202
Boise, ID 83705




Directors and staff

mailing address

3100 S. Vista Ave., Ste. 202
Boise, ID 83705


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