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Let’s celebrate! The IAHD will be hosting picnics across Idaho to show appreciation for the hard work our members put in. We understand working on roads and bridges can seem like a thankless job. But your performance directly affects countless Idahoans each and every day! With the exponential growth Idaho is experiencing our roads are going to need major improvements in the coming years, which will require more funding. To have a greater impact and influence on legislation that will positively affect funding for the locals, Idaho’s highway districts need to form a strong coalition. It is important for highway professionals to have the opportunity to build relationship amongst one another. In these settings ideas are shared, problems are solved, and most importantly friends are made.

The Association encourages all highway district employees and their family to attend the picnics. Enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine playing games, eating bar-b-que, and talking with friends and colleagues. Don’t forget to enter into the raffle for a chance to win big-ticket items! All proceeds will go to the IAHD Scholarship Fund, which is open to all employees of an IAHD member, their children, and grandchildren to help pay for higher education and training.

Date and location of picnics are to be determined.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Build friendships and further relationships with numerous highway districts in a fun, easy going environment. Leave the stuffy meeting environment for your competition. Grab a hold of this unique opportunity to speak with highway professionals by contacting the IAHD at (208) 345-5176.

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