2017 IAHD Legislative Database

Idaho House of Representatives

Bill #TitleDescriptionStatusPosition
H0020Vehicles, plug-in hybrid, fees revdH 2nd Rdg
H0145PERSI, employer definition revisedH Com/HuRes
H0157Hwy distrib acct/apportionment revdH printing
H0158Transport fund/strateg inititv progH printing
H0159Budget stabilizaton fundH printing
H0251Highways, maintenanceH Transp
H0334Transportation, strategic initvsPres signed

Idaho Senate

Bill #TitleDescriptionStatusPosition
S1052Dyed fuels, provisions revisedS Transp
S1044Dyed fuels, vehicle inspectionsS Transp
S1074Pub procurement/pol subdivisionsS Com/HuRes
S1086Hwy district comm/replacement commrS Transp
S1141Approp, military, disaster reliefS 3rd Rdg
S1162Highways, GARVEES printing
S1163Highways, GARVEE bonding authorityS printing
S1162Highways, GARVEES printing
S1188aTransportation plan, GARVEES 2nd Rdgaa
S1206Hwys, GARVEETo Gov

H - House
S - Senate
H(S) Comm/HuRes - Commerce and Human Resources Committee
S L Gov/Tax - Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee
Held - Bill will no longer be considered this session
(S) L Gov - Local Government Committee
Affairs-House State Affairs Committee
H(S) Trans - Transportation Committee
Monitoring - IAHD is tracking these bills on a daily basis
H Rev/Tax - House Revenue and Tax Committee
PERSI - Public Employee Retirement Systems of Idaho
ENV AFF - Environmental Affairs
To Print - Bill is being printed for committee
S(H) Jud/Rules - Judiciary and Rules Committee
S(H) 2nd Reading - Bill is being read for the 2nd time
Enroll - Bill is being prepared for presentment to the Governor
S(H) Education - Education Committee
S Jud - Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee
S Environment - Senate Resource and Environment Committee
S 14th Order - Bill is being amended
Engross - Bill has been amended